Muses Return

by Duane Hultin

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This year brings a mostly acoustic collection with the addition of a really cool, 60's style rickenbacker electric 12 string added to the mix. " out there" is now with the original lyrics and a new arrangement. "the girl" brings us back to when a dance, a look, or a well placed smile, could make your heart jump! As usual, there are many influences heard here. That is ok. We all pay homage to our heroes. I hope you like the tunes!
Thanks again to DJ Jones for the great bass tracks, and Gary Fitch for the loan of " ricki" for the fat tracks. As always, thank you Julie for being the secret weapon in all this. Duane


released May 21, 2017

Duane: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Dobro, Tambourines,Vocals
Julie : Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Accordian
D J Jones: Acoustic Bass




Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Laugh
A smokey red sunset
Slowly going down
Pierced by the slings and arrows
Shot from the scary side of town
Slightly off the mark
But still close enough to kill
What lies between the lines
Read like a poisoned pill

Chorus: Just throw your head back and laugh
Cuz the cray world seems so absurd
Just throw it back and laugh

Tantrums never opened
Any rusty padlocked doors
Which key releases sweet pandora?
Is it mine? Or is it yours?
And when she’s on the loose
Sweet wine dripping from her kiss
Dont you dare come a knockin
Looking for something you might have missed

Your head is spinning round
Trapped inside the ferris wheel
True love needn’t be a crime
The lone wolf is nipping at your heals

Laughter can heal the pain
But the weak need not apply
There really is no use in cryin
Up to an empty sky

And so this maddening life goes on
We put all broken things back in the box
No cash back, or exchanges
On the beautiful mime that talks
Track Name: The Girl
You walked into the room looking like a queen
From a far-off land, and exotic dream
I nervously held out my hand
Like it was all just part of the plan
From the twisted dirt-filled backroads my family came
Mama never got to fly in an airplane
Around the kitchen table each night
She taught her boys what is wrong or right.

So ill put on my favorite old blue jeans
Button up my one good shirt,making sure its
pressed and clean
Hold your hand in mine as we spin across the floor
And get hypnotized by your eyes once more.

My hand placed wishingly on your back
As the band plays, “my old friend the blues”
It was then I should have knows
That cinderella always leaves on her own
They tell me “all in love is fair
But only I heard my heart break
Here’s to the girl with the raven hair
Who taught me how much mine could take.

The crickets chirp... In prayer my eyes closed tight
I’ll try to conjure up the memories of you tonight
Maybe your somewhere across the sea?
Did you ever think about me?
Track Name: Out There
What would you give for one more try
What could you say before, “it’s over, goodbye”
Tell me, What do you need
To turn those teary eyes back to blue?
I’ve tried everything in by bag of tricks
I’ve said all the words, still they just wont fix
A heart that’s been broken and you
From slamming the front porch door

Out there
I hope there’s something for you out there
Out there
I hope there’s something better out there

Dirty down and low That’s the way I feel tonight
Cut my hand on a whiskey glass held too tight
It’s still hard to believe
But mama didnt raise no fool
Mr blue comes around Sunday mornings at three
We celebrate our love Postumously
Sometimes its hard to tell who’s lower
This creaky old floor or me

I wish you the best, I really do,
There’s nothing that I wouldnt have done for you

Once I was sure I saw you
I shot my drink back and I ran
Caught up to you at the cross-walk
Diamond ring on your finger, from a new man
So I melted back into the crowd
Made a beeline for my favorite seat
“ Here’s a toast to all long lost loves!” *
Keep em coming.... Whiskey neat!

Out there..... I go with heart in hand
Theres nothing left for me here
I go with heart in hand
I pray someday you’ll understand
Track Name: Unmarked Street
Sometimes the bravest place to meet
Is on a dark deserted unmarked street
Where the windows above are locked down tight
And no familiar soul in sight

Illuminated only by a dream
The prize is never what it seems
Some friends you’ll lose along the way
But it’s just the price you agreed to pay.

Run with me, The Chains are free
With spirits unbound, like it’s supposed to be

I’ll reach out and take you by the hand
Feel your grip and try to understand
The path that led us to this place
And then talk it out face to face

Resting beneath a wide oak tree
You can sit beside me for awhile
Show me that picture from way back when
You know how it always made me smile

Here one day, and then the next your gone
No parting gifts, just a bitter sweet swan song
Sunrise will still bring another day
For you and me to rise above the fray

A broken strand of well worn worry beads
Didn’t soothe me from all my unwashed deeds
But my restless soul never to retreat
To that dark, deserted unmarked street.
Track Name: Penance
Sometimes, in the coldest night
I can feel your body heat
Dawn breaks, And Im cold atop
Another cheap motel sheet
This time, I must of finally paid
For all my sins
At the end of the line
A forgiving voice at the end of the line says, “ Danny”
You wanna come back home again?

It was late and the temptress
Had her hand inside my coat
No money to steal, but the promise
We made together went up in smoke
I didnt feel it at the time, but I had
Crossed the forbiden line
She drove away in the gravel and dust
My morning broke with a single tear

Im driving 500 miles or more tonight
Pushing thru the darkness, searching for the light
Im on my way back home....
Back home to you.

Banished and on my own
30 days and nights up and down this lonely road
So I add my chapter
To the oldest saddest story ever told
The only place ive known that can
Ever bring me laughter once again
But its so far away
And the roof feels like its caving in.

Knock knock? Who’s there? Its Danny! Come on in, the fires warm, it’s late