Out There

from by Duane Hultin

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This song was written a few years ago, and was included in the Stephen Desmond tribute CD. I have reverted to the original lyrics,a new mix, and a different vocal for this release. It continues a couples journey originally started in the song " are you ever coming home?" Many different instruments(voices) are in this one. "out there" can refer to a different place, a different life, a better one than the one you are living or just a fresh start.


What would you give for one more try
What could you say before, “it’s over, goodbye”
Tell me, What do you need
To turn those teary eyes back to blue?
I’ve tried everything in by bag of tricks
I’ve said all the words, still they just wont fix
A heart that’s been broken and you
From slamming the front porch door

Out there
I hope there’s something for you out there
Out there
I hope there’s something better out there

Dirty down and low That’s the way I feel tonight
Cut my hand on a whiskey glass held too tight
It’s still hard to believe
But mama didnt raise no fool
Mr blue comes around Sunday mornings at three
We celebrate our love Postumously
Sometimes its hard to tell who’s lower
This creaky old floor or me

I wish you the best, I really do,
There’s nothing that I wouldnt have done for you

Once I was sure I saw you
I shot my drink back and I ran
Caught up to you at the cross-walk
Diamond ring on your finger, from a new man
So I melted back into the crowd
Made a beeline for my favorite seat
“ Here’s a toast to all long lost loves!” *
Keep em coming.... Whiskey neat!

Out there..... I go with heart in hand
Theres nothing left for me here
I go with heart in hand
I pray someday you’ll understand


from Muses Return, released May 21, 2017
Duane: Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Dobro, Vocals
Julie: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
DJ Jones: Acoustic Bass




Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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