Unmarked Street

from by Duane Hultin

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A place we all must go thru. Hopefully just passing by, but never wish to go back again. It is a street where we all grow a little bigger, wiser, sadder, and pay our dues. I was listening to a lot of "joshua tree" so U2 is a big influence here. At the core, this one is about living life like we are meant to. Love, Happiness, Joy can be found. We just have to make it over the bumpy roads along the way. Our differences are not as big as we may think.


Sometimes the bravest place to meet
Is on a dark deserted unmarked street
Where the windows above are locked down tight
And no familiar soul in sight

Illuminated only by a dream
The prize is never what it seems
Some friends you’ll lose along the way
But it’s just the price you agreed to pay.

Run with me, The Chains are free
With spirits unbound, like it’s supposed to be

I’ll reach out and take you by the hand
Feel your grip and try to understand
The path that led us to this place
And then talk it out face to face

Resting beneath a wide oak tree
You can sit beside me for awhile
Show me that picture from way back when
You know how it always made me smile

Here one day, and then the next your gone
No parting gifts, just a bitter sweet swan song
Sunrise will still bring another day
For you and me to rise above the fray

A broken strand of well worn worry beads
Didn’t soothe me from all my unwashed deeds
But my restless soul never to retreat
To that dark, deserted unmarked street.


from Muses Return, released May 21, 2017
Duane: Guitars, Bouzouki, Vocals
Julie: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
DJ Jones: Acoustic Bass




Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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