Tears and Triumphs

by Duane Hultin/The Third Verses

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The journey of life continues whether we are ready or not. Recorded just after Dads passing, and felt the need to play quieter,more introspective songs. Julie does a stand out job on her first ever song! Great vocal job.
Seeing what i can do in a simpler enviorment . A man, a studio, his thoughts and a bunch of guitars. Family is all over this one. Thanks to lizi Elmore for the haunting and evocative violin playing. Originally recorded in 2012.


released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: That's It
Whiskey soothes the soul But crooked wings wont ever fly straight
Chaperones for the party? I think we are way too late
They’ve already released the hounds Hope flew up the tree and hid
Another shovelful of dirt On the Loved-ones coffin lid

Chorus: I’m gonna give it one more chance and that’s it
The fists of fury gonna fly and never quit
Duck and cover but still your face is gonna get hit
You take the blows, bruises and all that comes with it

Like a winded runner on his knees That just cant go anymore
Like the blind old beggar Left to mind the company store
The fine print taketh away Did you get what you paid for?
Secret protection within reach Deep inside the dresser drawer

Bridge: Fly straight and do what’s right
And the riches of heaven can too be yours
Tell that to an entire class of people
Sweeping up the dirty floors

The cash explodes in blue As you flee from the scene
Just wanted to get a little something For those left caught up in between
The holes in the net And the golden parachuters dream
Desperate times call for desperate measures No longer part of the team

The house lights came on
And the confetti filled the floor
“Do you feel like you’ve been cheated?”
Trampled running for the door?
Track Name: Lost
Someday there will be a light that burns clear and bright
But Tonight, I just feel lost

Lost in the shuffle, Its time to begin again
My balloon has come untethered, drifting aimless in the wind
The elders hand in hand, reach up to pull my from the sky
To touch down safely, It is your destiny to try


Lost in the wilderness, lost in the snow
Where the spinning wheel stops surely somebody must know?
Runnin barefoot in the grass from ghosts of the ever-present past
Which way do I go

Underwater in way too deep, the shivers up your spine will creep
Unattended in the night the candle can still gives off its light
Worn leather boot straps are broken, they weren't the right fit
The angels and Devils agree, Now is the time to quit

Adrift on the wind and ignited by the flame
Shivering with the cold and flushed by the rain
Set free from the jailers the sun to blind your eyes again
Wade slowly across muddy waters, looking out for fins
Track Name: Kneeling in the Dark
Searching for clarity and a sense of peace
Blindly groping your way back to the stream
Where the path once flowed and released
Your deepest worries and your darkest fears
It shed your skin and your worrisome tears
Gave you the strength to wait for the dawn
Where you laced up your boots and soldiered on

Chorus Are you there? Can you hear me? Are you there?

Sometimes there are no blessings from above
Or fiery pokes from down below
Alone and confused, are they ever listening?
Left here to wonder who is really running the show
But early spring brings new leaves on the trees
Decembers arctic winds foretell a warm summer breeze
The waxing moon grows fuller by the day
The celebration of life goes on, and you've always know the way

Bridge Can you hear when the helpless can no longer try
to keep their heads above water, or the lonesome cry
of one who swings on the end of a rope, a truly innocent man
Are we left on our own, Or was this all part of the plan?

Kneeling in the dark
Still searching with your outstretched hands
Answers are never found in a perfumed bottle
They don't reside in some magical land
Look real close at the small child at play
as the surf rolls up the white sandy shore
As the sun sets over the deep blue horizon
There is your answer, Don't worry any more
Track Name: Tears and Triumphs
Mid-day in the late fall The Santa Anas blow the leaves up the street
We could hear the pipes of the bonneville thunder
And dad descending the hill towards home
The 69 was cherry red the chrome all shiny and new
Like the future in our brand new home
The pool was finally full and clear the bbq was lit
And it was the very best of times

Chorus Of tears and of triumphs we've all had our share
Keep smiling until that one last ride
Remember the feelings long after the bikes been padded and put away
The memories relived with a beaming sense of pride

My legs clamped around the red tank Holding tight in the teeth of the wind
To Cooks Corner, past eucalyptus and the creaky wooden bridge
And through the enchanted forest we went
Faster, Faster was my mischievous plea! OK, but don't you ever tell your mom ( she knows)
Windblown hair burnt faces and bugs on our shirts Spirits high and restless energy spent

To give up a thing that you love for a much greater good
A noble gesture to say the least
Another piece just fell away when they closed the trailer door
Ascending the hill you rode down so many years ago
A museum can show the care that was given
But it cant tell the stories of its life
Forever on display for the young and old to see
Screen-saved and opened on each new day

But If wheels could talk, If photos could talk, and If in dreams we could talk
If in love we could walk arm and arm we would go down the golden streets of memory lane
And speak of our Triumphs only
No more tears and no more pain.
Track Name: One Ring
We fell in love such a long time ago
Shouting it down from the mountain tops
Making sure that everyone would know
That , " The one ring to rule them all"
Had been found and gently slipped on
From now on we were partners for life!

Chorus Here in front of god and man
I reach out with a steady hand
You spin in your slow motion grace
The room fades away our eyes lock into
an enchanted lovers embrace.

The voices were finally heard
Does that shiny gold ring still fit tight?
Moments frozen deep in a silver frame
Peering down from the mantle piece
The past is like a bullet train
Speeding blindly into the night

Pulling back the ivory curtains
The morning sun comes blazing in
Your naked back exposed to the summer rays
Sydney curled up at your feet
The smell of coffee climbs the stairs
The picture finally becomes complete

Like a foggy morning on moonstone
The troubles lifting and melting away
Leaving new hope where there once was pain
To walk unsteady and unsure
To a corner of life we've never even seen before
Up the garden path, To loves eternal plane
Track Name: Sunrise
Shooting stars close your eyes make a wish
But when it’s all said and done
You cant just take what you want
Give some back, somebody else might need that one
Your just a traveler on the path
A nomad heart set free only when the tents rolled up and put away
And the never-ending journeys’ begun
Waiting for the signs to the oasis in the ever shifting sands

While you were sleeping ( same as above )
The relentless night marches on
Your shielding blanket of starlight
Goes from east to west and vanishes beyond
Alive and awake
Doors to the heavens disappear from your watering eyes
And you rise up to greet the day
And patiently wait for the sunrise.

Kneeling before the bearded man at the gates ( same as above )
The golden light reflecting in your eyes
I’m sure I did somebody some good
Lord knows everyday I did try
But the sands of time march along
You may never get the chance again
So hold out your hand to the lonely traveler you meet along the way
And point them to the heart of the sunrise
Track Name: Last Man Standing( turn out the lights )
It's a lonely sound
When the roll up door comes down
And the last of the trucks drive away
The echo in the warehouse
The smell of the wooden racks
The dust on the well worn and concrete floor

The Hooks on the wall
That housed the faces from the past
A telephone to never ring again

Filling up the hungry bins
pads sold loaded up and gone
There will be no message recorded tonight

Kneel down and cross yourself
Give Thanks to the past, and bring em all back
For one heartfelt toast

Rise up, and out the door
What was before, is now no more
Your the last man standing (Turn out the lights )
Track Name: Beagle Time
On a walk or on the prowl Nose pinned to the ground
Tail pointed towards the sky,That looks like beagle time
Into the breeze for a sniff , A swim on the grass for a scratch
The coon dog roo And the hound dog howl, watch out
That sounds like beagle time Watch out

Up to their neck in a hole But no rabbit to be found
Paws scrape and dirt a flying, Detective beagle time
“Come on sydney, it’s time to go” A dirty nose looks up She says no!
Ears perked , But selective hearing Dont you know
That’s ornery beagle time Dont you know

Where there is some food Or a scrap to be found
Sweeping down like a hungry vulture, That’s classic beagle time
Steaks on the grill, Screen door left ajar
Don’t turn your back Even for an instant.Don't you see

That’s sneaky beagle time Dont you see

Bridge “ There’s nothing like a cold wet nose on your face in the dark! “ solos

The sun hound bakes on the patio, Summer rays beating down
From deck to couch couch to deck That’s resting beagle time
Down dog pose a shake of the head Jars the sleep from her eyes
A beeline up the stairs To her king size comfy bed
Sun goes down and its

It’s sleepy beagle time. Sun goes down
The singing happy hound, The snoring happy hound, your our happy beagle hound
Yes you are!!
Track Name: Why not Me?
Success and money
And a great life for everyone else
Vacations new cars
Happiness and laughter for everyone else

Why not me? Down on bended knees. Why not me?
I’m lonely going broke, getting older and left behind
Why not me?

Pretty and young
Tall and slim that’s all of them
Fashionable clothes
from their heads to their toes, that’s all of them

My clothes are old, my jewelry is sold
no pretty things to wear anymore
I wish my life were different full of high hopes
That is all for them Don't you know Solos (chorus)

Hopeful and satisfied
On top of the world, or so it seems
Confident and sanctified
Got the tiger by the tail, or so it seems

Bitter and angry
Daily reminded that “you are not one of us”
Self serving and shallow
If I could I’d stomp your playground into dust!
Track Name: In the Movies
No need to silence my cell phone
It’s waiting turned off in the car
I rip the top off a carton of milk duds
The picture is about to start

To be launched up and into the screen
Leaving your troubled world behind
To join the magic and beauty of make believe
Another place, Another time

Be heroic like they are in the movies
Wax poetic like they do in the movies
Play the part like they act in the movies
Time forever stopped trapped in the movies

The battle between the apes
People crackers? Just a little taste
Logan's’ carousel ( there is no sanctuary)
Where no one over 30 escapes

ET is transported back home
Spoiler alert! Dorothy never left her bed
“Somebody go back and get a shitload of dimes!”
“I’ll have what she’s having instead!”

Bridge Always there for a good cry, they never ask you why
Their stories unfolding for all to see

The credits roll that is your cue to go
Back to the only world you really know
Night has fallen over gotham
As you shuffle your way back home

“For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble!”
“ After all, tomorrow is another day!”
“ If you build it, he will come!’
“ You wore blue, The germans wore grey!”