Tales​.​.​. Dreams and Conjured Schemes

by Duane Hultin/The Third Verses

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    This is the first one out of the box. A new spring day needs a re-release of our maiden voyage. Remastered and ready for the old spirits to rise again. For those who have heard already, this is a better version. Took a month or so and reworked ( but no new recording) to come up with tales 2012. Please enjoy, share, download. All free. Thanks to Mike Mccaffrey for writing such great lyrics and getting me to open up and let it rip!!!

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This is the one that started it all. Done in 1999. Julie, Mike Mccaffrey and I hatched a plan on our way home from a Van Gogh exhibit at LACMA.
Mike came up with a group of lyrics detailing a journey to get "one that got away" back. It was called Midnight Prayers. I added 5 songs of my own to the project and this is what we came up with. It was us putting together mike pacillos drumming, Julie s keyboards, and my guitars and bass, to start what would be a decades long love of recording and making music.
From the long nights talking over arrangements, thinking we were Lennon and Mcartney, to the final mixes, This was a labor of love and adventure.
I got to use many different styles, many different voices, and bring life to mikes great lyrics. 14 years later, it still makes me smile from ear to ear!!
( van gogh joke! ) Seriously, This one, I am very proud of. Hope you like it.
I remastered it in 2012 to make the sound better. For those who this is new to, Enjoy. For those who have heard it before, enjoy again. Make sure to check out the cd booklet photo attachments and lyric sheets.

Duane Hultin


released March 20, 2014

Duane Hultin: All guitars, Bass, Vocals
Julie Hultin: Keyboards, Organ, Accordion, Backing vocals
Mike Pacillo: All percussion, Shakers, Noises, moods, nuances, djembe
Mike Mccaffrey: Lyrics on all *** Tracks, Co producer and co-conspirator



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Alright,Tonight ***
Alright Tonight : Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

It would be alright tonight
if i saw you standing at Gypsy's bar
if you smiled at me as i caught your eye
tossed your hair back as i walked on by
laughed out loud at my fishing lines
it would be alright tonight

It would be alright tonight
if you touched my hand that way that women do
looked me hard in the eyes
laid your back against my chest
just to see what i might do
it would be alright tonight

It's been so long and it's all wrong
since i last saw your face
so long and wrong since you've been gone
since i last felt your grace

It would be alright tonight
if you let me buy your drink
danced with me real slow
Put your chin upon my shoulder
just to let me know
that maybe I could take you home
it would be alright tonight

It would be alright tonight
but i know i'm dreaming broken dreams
you're five hundred miles away gone for good
nothing bad ever changes so it seems
i'm still standing where you once stood
leaning hard on old jim beam
Track Name: Strong I Am ***
Strong I am Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

It's a chemical imbalance
a dangerous dance
the way i defy gravity
on my last chance
When i wake up it calls my name
from my heart up through my veins
and it's never going to change

You think i'm a broken man
that iv'e taken all i can
but i'm still standing
that's how strong i am

It's just a broken heart
a painful dance
do you think about me
since my last chance
when i wake up you call my name
from my heart up through my veins
and it's not good today
and it's never going to change

Now your my whiskey, lover
that i can't deny
you're my lover' whiskey
just like the day turns to night
Track Name: Baby Bette ***
Baby Bette Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I've done paris
I've done rome
Gone all around the world
Just to stumble back home
I've chased the hot wind down
highway sixty one
but i haven't caught her yet
Has anyone out there seen
my baby bette?

She's had red hair
and blonde too
stole a cadillac
and a sixty six coupe
drank gin with the king
and ripple with the bums
give me ten to one
and i'd still bet
nobody out there's caught
my baby bette!

She's got diamond eyes
and a rattlesnake walk
She wont take directions
she's always getting lost
Put the spotlight on her
the woman just can't stop
She's a flesh parade without regrets
I'm still searching for my baby bette!
Track Name: Kryptonite ***
Kryptonite Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I was your superman your shining knight
all i did was break you down
just like kryptonite
my kisses were your poison
my loving your disease
every night i held you tight
you were dying by degrees

Get away from this place runaway fast
runaway in fear
Get away from this place get away from this place
Get away from here

i turned my back when you were down on your knees
i covered my ears to block out all your screams
my touch was the fire that left you scarred
my soul was the anvil that made you so hard

Like a moth to a flame
Like a needle in a vein
for every ache and pain
baby' i'm to blame

Now you're living rough in the darkness somewhere
and i am the storm that blew you down there
I left you at the altar in a crying mess
I'm the bastard who bloodied your pretty white wedding dress
Track Name: Whiskey and Blood ***
Whiskey and Blood Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

Broken records that we played
The secret vows we betrayed
Cheap wine and crooked games
In the days' we weren't afraid
Now i got a black suitcase of cash somehow
a shotgun that used to be a plow
sixty six minutes are packed in every hour
and a stolen fist full of power
But i'm missing a friend and a wedding ring
i tore my anklet made of mustang string
got tattooed by a scorpion sting
my voice is cracked and i cant sing
And if that's not enough
The stuff keeps pouring out of me
I thought was whiskey
but now i know it's blood

We broke kentucky derby speed
Grew sunflowers from a demon seed
Never kneeled down to believe
We spun our nightmares into dreams
Now iv'e crossed my fifteen minutes of fame
Got my lions and my demons tamed
won a gold pass into heaven so i don't need to pray
But i'm still dreaming of those smoking trains
When you didn't show down in riverside
i bent two nickels and i swallowed my pride
I did it again to call you twice
Right before my last suicide
That should have been enough
But that stuff that keeps pouring out of me
I thought was whiskey
Now i know it's blood. red whiskey and blood
Track Name: London 3am ***
London 3am
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

It's london 3am
Im crying in my gin again
i'm all alone my old friend
With no one left to call
No one here in this time zone
And no place left to call home

Friends have gotten married
They've all moved away
Busy raising kids of their own
Now me' i'm still reaping
the wild seeds i've sown
I'm the last one in this bar tonight
when did i grow so old?

I wish that i could hear your voice
hear you say my name
Won't you lie to me once more
my distant angel

It's london 3am
I'm crying in my gin again
i cant even pick up the phone
There is no one left to call
I know you're sleeping
but i don't know if your alone

It's just a trick of fate
that i'm still standing here
all the good people have gone home
Now that there's nothing left to fear
there's no one left to call
no one in this time zone
Track Name: Redemption Rails
Redemption Rails Lyrics and Music by Duane Hultin

Billy's still drunk its the middle of the night
He grows tired of riding the rails
With the spirits bottle low and the moon rising high
he's paying hard for jumping bail

I stare out the window past curtains all torn
past the broken down ford he left parked on the lawn
our dream died that day as the summer slipped away
with a shot on a mean august night

But we'll both feel the cold and the hard driving rain
we'll both sleep hoping for old lives again
but he should have been thinkin
when he fired that gun
now i'm haunting the rail lines
and i'm all alone

Through town after town the stories stay the same
a bloodied pool stick and the sheriff takin names
sure i saw him he was just an angry young man
flying low through the door with a pistol in his hand

The telephone rings and i wake up with a scream
the baby starts cryin someone make this all a dream
but these scenes are for real and the bills keep piling high
why'd you have to pull that trigger?
tell me why! tell me why!

On some starlit nights when i'm out here all alone
with my head pounding hard and my hands freezing cold
I pray the end will come soon and redemption comes for me
a scared and lonely life thats the way it has to be

Billy Jr's graduation twenty years have slipped away
and all the tears have gone away too
but from the back of my mind i'm thinking
is he the same kind?
so i keep looking for his father in Billy's eyes
Track Name: Reminisce
Lyrics and Music by Duane Hultin

From the face in a faded old photograph
Those memories flood back to me
just a skip on a dusty old phonograph
using our hips and our hands to see
Swinging low in the dark to that long lost tune
our feet were never really in time
We danced 'till mom stopped our searches
with a flick of the lights
leaving us aching for a little more time

Go back to when all we needed was a brand new day
and life went racing through our hungry eyes
Hows the surf today? And what time is the show?
Don't forgt the matches were sitting in the second row!

So you knock back your drink and you start to laugh
That wasn't really so long ago
That we were chasin pretty girls out across the lawn
stealing secrets off the telephone line
Dodging darts at a party way up on the hill
french kisses would have been just fine
Four walls was knocked down now where we gonna go?
It all seemed so important at the time

Two am as rosalita blasts across the crowd
back for salvation every night
ears would ring and hands would ache
and our souls went soaring home
those perfect moments frozen in my mind
out on the deck as the stars come to life across the sky
and the revelry down below begins to rise
tripping down old memory land cant make the days come back again
but we sure had one hell of a time!
Track Name: Jericho ***
Jericho Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I take your hand
as you take my money
I kiss your cheek
and you leave me wondering
You hold me too tight
in fear or desire
Is this our loves baptism
or its trial by fire

I just need to know
Are you playing with fire
or playing for keeps?
Is this the sound of our love
or the horns of Jericho?

It's past midnight
and your still smokin'
I slip of to sleep
leaving words unspoken
I see you in my kitchen
in a shirt i thought was missing
Your pour black coffee in my cup
I wonder is this love?

I watch you get dressed
and get made up for work
Is this goodbye?
And how much will it hurt?
but you had to go
I feel the ache in my bones
from the sex we stole
Track Name: Street Named Desire ***
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin
I know i'm looking for love
in all the wrong places
With every expensive smile
And each hard face
I lay down my cash
On the red side of town
But in the end
She always brings me down

I'm driving my car
Down a street named desire
All the houses have burned down
But there's no sign of your fire

I'm searching for something
That just can't be found
It has to be given
Like flowers from the ground
Loneliness is no excuse
for the paths i've taken
But there is a truth
In the promise i'm breaking

You can't depend upon
the kindness of strangers
You have to listen to your heart
And damn the dangers
There's a touch so soft
out there somewhere
And a heart to be held
if only you would dare

There's only one chance that matters
You can blow all the rest
When love comes to you
you have to rise above the mess
I want to find you in my bed
Find you in the flesh
I want to believe in the church of love
I'm blessed
Track Name: No Hay Rosas Sin Espinas ***
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

There is no love without heartbreak
No drunkenness without mistake
so we build our own prisons
and sleep in the bed we make

Give me your hand take a leap
Don't be afraid and don't be weak
i believe in the stars and you
Will you believe in us too?

No hay rosa sin espinas oh my senorita
There are no roses without thorns
This is your dream, won't you believe it?
This is your dream, won,t you believe it?

This is no paradise i've sown
but give my love a new chance
and you'll see how it grows
you are the magic i have always known

Do we stay in this dirty town
just to let it bring us down
you can keep all your secrets
buried deep in the ground

Just give me your heart and soul
We'll make diamonds from this coal
From our flesh and our bones
we'll build our love a home
Track Name: Blue Sunday ***
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I met a paris girl all dressed in champagne in pearls
I took her down to passion town
to show her a secret world
I know i was mistaken thinking i could break into pandoras box
Ever since i played lovers roulette
Seems i keep getting lost.

Now it's two bottles on a sunday
to float me through the week
That's the price i have to pay ever since she rode away
My heart beats bruised and skips when her shadow passes by
If it weren't for my tears this old town would run dry

I'm just crying over smoke and a dream that's gone astray
It's not the end of the world it's just another blue sunday

Somehow i lost my bible and my bookmark made from your hair
Now every train station whistle sounds like truth or dare
I started showing up at church to pray hard late at night
the priest claims he can save me but i can't see the light

I don't want you to cry or worry a stitch for me
Madame s' crystal ball revealed how deep our fate is sealed
I'm running from the hangman's rope drunk on hope
and a fool to believe
That if i find you once again will torch the church as we will elope

I hear them calling me from the travel martyr's choir
But your voice is all i heed now that my wanderlust has retired
I dream you up in each sunrise but it never seems to last
My hopes keep getting swallowed up by the jonah's in my past
Track Name: The Smile ( For Julie )
The Smile

Lyrics and Music by Duane Hultin

Thinking back to a time long ago
those nights seemed to drag on and on
working midnight to eight sleeping through the sunshine
I woke up with a feeling that someones out there too
someone i was hoping to be true

One early spring morning you were there with the smile
and you laughed as i walked out with beer
my worn heart jumped in my chest
as i climbed behind the wheel
racing down the open freeway
your the vision in my mind
i made a promise i would never let you go

To be so happy with my arms around you
feels like warm sunlight falling from the sky
when i see you along the seashore
i know you are the angel of my life.

Over hills and green fields with our love we did roam
We hiked the canyons to the top and gazed down
A sparkling ring on your finger
and a tear in our eyes
The lake was shining down below us
the wind blew through your hair
We felt like we could dance on air

Years roll by and you and i grow older too
Think of that warm summer day
my hand reached out to you
we turned up the aisle and there were joined forevermore
two hearts to beat within one soul
Track Name: Green Book Travels
Music by Duane Hultin,
Lyrics based on " The Green Book "

Show me the hole that i can crawl up through
Show me the beacon for my shipwrecked soul
How far have i fallen? these words are like a spell
Can i ever make it back? I've got stories to tell
Of knives and of loneliness of faith and tears
Women fan flames of desire, barmen with no cheer
Souls lay drowned on the counter red blood runs through the cracks
My plea on a wet window, Can i ever make it back?

Within the green book travels hidden carefully
The roadmap to a place not everyone can be
Hidden high up on the shelf for kindred souls to see
Your adventures bursted out of your dreams

Old friends and strange voices appear on the scene
To banish out your demons that fade away as they scream
When angels appear from above don't ask where they're from
Don't ask for forgiveness or question their tongues
The memories of your friends that float down through the night
They slap at your face in the cool morning light
A gaze from a girl hidden deep in the trees
A Grecian sunset with blue waters swirling down around your knees

In bodegas and bordellos the waves and the sand
The flickering glow of a movie screen in some foreign land
Love letters never sent to chase the dangers away
Your demons never disappear so you just keep them at bay
In a storm or at peace a smile means the same
Given in secret or in daylight the promise remains
To the future to our friendship to the ghosts of a precious past
To bathing in the sunlight to be truly home at last
Track Name: City Limits ***
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I'm leaving now
Didn't even bother to pack
I can't take this town
If i can't take you back

I'm heading across the city limits
Cross the county line
I'm leaving this wretched state
To get you off my mind

I'm leaving now
With just the clothes on my back
I can't take this town
If i can't take you back

I'm leaving now
Rearview mirror is cracked
I can't take this town
I'm never looking back

I'm leaving now
Never coming back
Out past the city limits
To where the skies are black
Track Name: Pilgrims' Prayer ***
Lyrics by Mike Mccaffrey
Music by Duane Hultin

I wish i could fall into your schoolgirl eyes once again
And hold you in the flesh my broken hearted friend
I wish i could smell your wine breath on my neck
And taste your sugared lips
I guess i'll just have to pretend

It's so cold in Paris at this time of the year
But it warms my heart to know you once loved me here
Mona's bistro is still open so i'm drinking midnights cheer
I see you smoking at the window as these ghosts bring me to tears

I'm traveling hard and light
These days i travel alone
If you can hear this pilgrims prayer
Won't you carry me back home

Some nights i swear i hear you crying in my dreams
And even from this distance the wind sounds like screams
I raise you up in my heart like some lazarus scheme
I am guilty of all you said and every drop you bleed

It's raining down heat in central Singapore
I'm lost on Ben Coolen Street even though i've been here before
I'm drinking at the E & O with my eyes pinned to the door
I'm praying like a sinner that i will see you once more