Rolling Back The Stone

by Duane Hultin/The Third Verses

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    This came about quickly. After a fantastic show at mcabes, (peter case) the songs started to flow again. The muses stuck around and behold.. a 4 song EP. A tip of the hat to Old country, Classic 60's guitar rock, Folk pop, And a swinging style love song. To have DJJones, Dave Rayburn, and Phil Lingenfelter play these with me was an honor.
    They all brought great talent and a new voice to my music.
    Rachel Funk provided a beautiful and haunting voice to a song about love lost. She showed her chops and did a great job. Thanks, You can really sing. And lastly, Julie for her support and vocals, keyboard ,and once again, strapping on the heavy accordion to make some unique sounds for me. It is great to be able to share with as man people as possible. Download, share, burn, whatever you wish. There is a booklet of lyrics attached . Thanks to DJ for the CD cover design.
    Check out his web site: DJJONESGRAPHYX.COM
    Check out Dave Rayburn Project at DAVERAYBURN.BANDCAMP.COM
    Now these songs all belong to you!! Until next time.
    Duane Hultin
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I wanted to branch out and include more people this time around.
Getting Dave Rayburn, DJ Jones ( from the Dave Rayburn Project and Planet Roy)
Phil Lingenfelter( Vlad and the impalers,Shamus Oneil)
And Rachel Funk( first recording)
The styles and songbook keep getting bigger.
Hope to play some of these
live this year.. As always, made with lots of love, sent out with smiles,
and proud to add these to my catalogue .
Hope you enjoy the new tunes.


released July 6, 2014

Recorded at "Hultin Studios @ Le parc Loft"
Produced, engineered and mastered by Duane
Another Pesto Grande Production
Copyright; DHultin2014



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Rolling Back The Stone
From the edge of my prized window seat
I watch the traffic flow down Chelsea street
Through the din and the roar of the crowds
Joshua’s horn blows, parting the clouds

But no one is listening, too busy you see
No one is watching, No one except for me
Their feet and spirits glued to the floor
Having heard all this nonsense before.

At sunset, we roll back the stone
No more assistance, we go in alone
Come sunrise, resurrection is complete
Emerging with wings, and back on the street

The bride throws the bouquet with a grin
Out the open window, pedals scattered in the wind
Raining down on the strangers below
Trampled underfoot unaware as they go

Chasing the ever elusive brass ring
Up, Up to the top, where money is still king
While in the corner, a lonely busker sings
For copper pennies, and whatever the future brings

Close your eyes, now what do you see?
Temptation, Reflections, maybe mercy?
Now open, and take a good look around.

Massaged by the tracks of the evening train
Struggle up the staircase, to dream again
But this place looks the same as before
A shamrock and a horseshoe nailed to the door
Track Name: Are You Ever Coming Home
Will somebody please tell me
Are you ever coming home?
It’s just me and this old hound dog
Not a scrap of meat left on the bone

I’ve boarded all the windows
Locked the gates, Held the demons at bay
So please call me baby
Before it all gets pissed away.

Loneliness turned to desperation
As the weeks keep on rollin by
Belle of the ball and toast of the town
While I sit here high and dry

My courage and my sanity
Now circling down the drain
The second bottle doesn’t ease the pain
So please call me baby
Before it all gets pissed away

It takes two to tango
Too much stepping on each-other, thats for sure
Everything I had and then some
But still, you wont come walking thru that door

Last night I spent another lonely birthday
Just like the one before
Me and my thoughts Left alone and wondering
Can I really do this anymore?

Around a rustic table
Letters of a life now maybe gone
I guess it might be time to move along
So please call me baby!
Before it all gets pissed away.
Track Name: The New Master Plan
The shiny gold rings
The sure and steady hands
The strong and the soft and
The new master-plan

The in-between beats
The stolen moments of truth
The promise was made
The romantic musings of youth

How about forgetting all that
Lets fall into each others eyes
And you be the woman
And I’ll be the man

The secrets that we’ve kept
The bottle buried deep in the sand
There’s no going backwards on that bridge
To the new master-plan

The messy and the neat
The profane and the profound
The promise will be kept
The blessings we have found

Our lifetimes to spend with each other
Our spirits entangled so tight
We sail around on our boat full of memories
And give comfort on a stormy night

The essence has been revealed
The love so perfect and grand
The Beacon to light the way
For the new master-plan
Track Name: Whenever She Walks By
Sweet, Sweet baby please tell me
This hurt will not last
The screeching of the clock
Says another night has passed
Old make-up stains on the counter
It seems no matter what I do
I can’t erase the crushing mountain of pain
That I feel Since I lost you

Whenever she walks by
You know it makes me wanna cry
Cause I cant feel or taste your kiss
Or the love I never could quite resist

The drip,drip,drip
Of my ever-dissolving heart
The only sounds
In this lonely, musty room
Old treasured,weathered mementos
Now fill my soul with gloom
Left to rule over a crumbling kingdom
Pharaoh, in his darkened tomb

I know she’s not you
But what else could I do?
You can’t blame a man for trying
When all his dreams they begin dying!

Crawling back or standing tall
It makes no difference at all
Our love is now at an end
And your new one begins
As for me, I’ll take refuge in her arms
Pretend to be impressed by her charms
You left a permanent stain on me
Step right up, Come in closer and you’ll see