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This cd finds us branching out into longer more lyric driven tracks.
Travel memories, Family memories, Beach parties, What is important to us. Finding moods and nuances between the noise. It contains one of mine and mikes favorites. The folk driven " Life's Dusty Corners "
Originally recorded in 2002. Remastered in 2012. Hope You like it.


released February 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: One by One
Under the New Delhi sun as the brits drank their tea
The mahatmas’ pleading for peace
Till his body hits the ground
On golgotha, high noon, the soldiers fulfilled the plan
As they hammered the nails
He still gave them his hands

Johnny's’ last act of love his autograph he did sign
Before the gun was drawn and the evil deed was done
Through deally plaza they pass
The future rides by and waves
Shots from above and below
A nations dreams get swept away

What do we do with all our heroes? Pick em off one by one.
And when they’ve all been dead and buried
Who’ll be left to carry on?

For civil rights for all
he led them on a thousand strong
Straight down to Selma they marched
Shots on the stairs, and he was gone
Another brother did rise
to carry the torch from before
Now on to chicago we go
Life flows out across the floor

The times square ball brings a cheer
And the fireworks light up the sky
A chance to wipe the slate clean
But do you have the will to try?

This late breaking news coming to you live at ten
Another dove was shot down over jerusalem again
Push button wars cross the screen commercial free from the hive
Perched on the edge of our seats worldwide voyeurs have arrived
Track Name: Life's' Dusty Corners
Ever hopped a freight train old grey beard shouted as we ran
Across the tracks to the Santa Fe express
You ever heard the wind scream through an empty box car door
As the rain pours thru the cracks of your lonely soul?
So you best keep to yourself boy, and keep your eyes and ears peeled
It takes more than one ride to know how the hitcher man feels

You ever slept on the beach all night, bill called from the base of a tall palm tree. As they close the town to the crack of 2 am.
You ever gazed into the heavens and wished the stars could light your way
Through the maze of life, well reality is just not that way
So hold on to that blanket boy, and keep your eyes and ears peeled
It takes more than one night out here to know how the street man feels

What are you deep down inside? How can you make up your mind
Without knowing all the cards in the deck?
No life is carved into stone. No one is in this world alone
The biggest sin is living with your regrets.

You ever had to pound the concrete to ask some stranger for just one more chance? Sorry, no work here as the doors slam shut one by one.
Have you ever laid down hungry so you could look into your young child's eyes as she wakes up for school and heads out on her happy way?
So you best hold onto that job mister. And keep your eyes and ears peeled.
It’s gonna take all that and more to know how the working man feels.

Now as the morning light crosses your shoulders and gives a warm glow to
Your pretty face. My life’s been changed somehow. My eyes see layers once hidden from view. And at night when our heads hit the pillows as I
Reach for that goodnight kiss, off to dream deep in your arms as the world
Once again is put away. So I plan to learn from my life's lessons and carry
All the things that they’ve revealed. And I wont ever forget how warm and Safe my lovers bed feels.
Track Name: Here's to You ( London Town )
The sun gods are out today so put the raincoats away
But that wont stop the man who’s walking down old brompton road
His umbrella and his hat in his hand waiting for the dots of rain
To flood the cobblestones that make the way beneath his feet
The big red bus or the blue? The first choice of the day
So why the hell did we end up on the green?
On your left was where she... And look down that alley to the right...
Round that corner once lived... The shutterbugs click with no end in sight

Your pleasant holiday in london town. And around every corner
There’s a new sight or sound
Lunching under a tall tree in saint james park
Mr churchill calls us away to his secret rooms left In the dark
Pharaohs’ eyes you gaze upon, no secrets will he tell
From admiral nelsons lofty perch the bloody pigeons give us hell
Smoke rolls out the front door of Bram Stokers pub
The leather books they hide the loo, the noisy brits they toast and cheer
And the Guinness is fine, and a whiskey for the lady, No Ice?
Feeling like ambrosia soaking deeply thru our hungry veins

Tubes and tickets planes and trains and are you sure you know where the
Hell your going? Pounds in your pockets and your lady wears a smile
As you go stepping out in style.

Fish and chips rolled up in the times no mushy peas for me
Nothing but the finest here at the Chez Rumsey
In the depth of the night hamilton just might serve you tea
Was that the rattle of his cart? Well just have to wait and see
No bitter for me baby, abbot ales all around
Mesmerized by the neon that surrounds the street of picadilly
From waterloo to kennsington on a Friday at 5?
Crammed in with a shoe horn sweating on the district line

From the view down the london eye to the man who pulls the pint
Here’s to surfboards way out of place on the tube
Here’s to Beatles here’s to elvis, and yeah, to lucy too
So wont you raise em up for london, wont you raise em up for london
Wont you raise em up for london, Here’s to you!!
Track Name: Fire Night
We’re packing up the cruiser
Ice is cooling down the brew
We’re strapping down the long boards
And tuning fenders and gibsons too
Hurried calls go out to comrades
And they’re bringing pallets and wood
Jamaican rum inside the melon
Keeps the crowd feeling good

And we’re heading south for a fire night
Let the smoke blow your worries away
There wont be history made on fire night
But maybe, heaven’s only your kiss away

Volleyball begins at noon
Wrists and backs are getting red
Through the tumbling surf the kids go
And scrape the sandbar with their heads
Frisbees fly around the shoreline
Chasing down the errant throws
Touchdown, diving for the football
Scrapes the skin off of garrets nose
“Everybody’s gathering around,
Everybody waits for the sound
Listening with their ears to the ground
Its a party!!”
Folding chairs surround the ring
Shouting out all the old songs names
Like a tiki torch on the end of a stick
The tasty treat goes up in flames
The nomad tribes begin to sing
Jokes and tales get spun around
Sneaky midnight skinny-dipping
The waves conceal the frolicking sounds
Has anybody seen my sandals?
And where the hell are My clothes and keys?
Your chariot awaits my aquatic angel
The ritual dance down by the sea
Track Name: The Dark Highway
I was driving home from work on one cold November morn
Pulled up to a bent back stop sign about a mile from my home
A fear crept up inside me that just wouldn’t go away
Down thru the cold and stormy streets, without a soul to be found
I took off down the dark highway

I’m conjuring up a long lost dream as I’m clutching a marlboro tight
The glowing ash flies out the window and get swallowed by the blackening
Night. I could never quite explain to her why I had to get away. And how
The spirits convene, and how they call out your name
Somewhere down the dark highway

The dark highway, down the dark highway. All your life you’ve heard it calling your name, but you just didn't know what you should say.
The dark highway, down the dark highway. So under tear soaked skies,
You’ve folded penitent hands, pleading escape from your yesterdays.

The rest stop neon is calling and my heart like my tank is running low
A cold wind howls thru this lonely mountain pass. It carries the memories
Of all that has gone before. Like those nights at the drive in with our feet
Up on the dash. Reaching under that beer-soaked blanket for something
Neither of us had ever had and the promise to love you till the day I die!

This highway is not a place for dreamers and sometimes it can come with
A terrible price. Hidden deep in the cracks are the scars and the pain of
The schemers. They can even make a stubborn man think twice.

Somewhere there lives a man swinging low on the porch in a forgotten desert town. He’ll watch the colors leave the sky, and as a chill fills the air
He puts his drink down and heads back inside. And travels back to that day
He gambled his whole life away. Chasing a void that can never be filled.
Forever to dream about the past, And about a love that walked away. And of that night long ago, like an old movie it plays. Like a black curtain that
Falls over all that remains, Somewhere.... Down the dark highway.
Track Name: Looking Glass
It’s springtime in Paris, The city of lights
Dans le jardin publique champs de mars
A midnight kiss marks another perfect year
Champagne flows gently past our lips
The future is ours
The memories unfold like a dream
Embracing the past, close your eyes
Remember, and you are there.

Spreading out our towels under the hot August sun
Stayed in the pool until our hair turned green
Cannon-balls off the board sends the warm water splashing
Steaks and burgers the backyard cuisine
Queen beagle holds court
Chasing her subjects round the trampoline
Post party sandman creeps in
Cuccooned in our bedsheets to dream

Take a trip to the places where the stories are real
And they wait patiently for recall. You don't have to click your heels
Or wish upon a star. You just close your eyes, remember
And you are there.

Can leslie spend the night? Is your refrigerator running?
Sat morning, Scooby-Doo, Where are you?
A small hand knocks on the door, shush, you’ll wake up my dad.
That’s no fair, I wanna play too. Keep away on the front lawn,
Flashlight-tag till the streetlights appear. Charlie tuna sends us to
Sleep playing the top 40 songs in our ears.

The newest toys from mattel. The cookie jar was always full
Waving goodbye from the window and the curb
The rumbling sounds of the drags on a sat night thru the screen door
As the flattops laid down the tunes
Orange groves stretched on for miles
not a golf course or strip mall in sight
Cooks corner was the end of the world
Beyond it lay nothing but night.

Swedish carols around the organ on a foggy christmas eve
A symphony bashed out on an old block of wood
Toboggan races down cold and snowy hills
Beside the Hultin Hilltop Hideaway
Scrabble games played on and on
The birthday calls, good wishes sent thru the line
Their spirits are alive, not in the ground
Close your eyes, remember and they will be here

Obriens slicing thru blue water, a seat-ski flies across the wake
Laughs and a never-ending goodnight pete.
From the sunsets on Napili, to the red rock of Rainbow bridge
The road to Hana, summer sure tasted sweet
Toga-Jammas until dawn
The whole clan crashed out on hiels floor
Van Halen screamed thru the airwaves.
Life was soaked up until we could take no more

And now another generation walks down the aisle
We raise our glasses to the new bride and groom
One more backwards look thru the ageless Looking Glass
The the life we’ve shared, me and you
You go put on your party dress and I’ll go warm up the car
Thunder Road’s on the radio
We’ll slip away tonight
Beneath the stars.