Greetings from the edge of the rabbit hole

by The Third Verses/ Duane Hultin

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    The collection of tunes came about in the midst of some tough family times. Putting back the pcs of a broken puzzle, and finding our way in the "New Era" has been tough. At the core it celebrates what makes us special, keeps us sane, and attempts to put an artistic spin on a very turbulent couple of years. It rocks, it cries, it reminds us of our families, and hopefully makes you smile and feel the magic in all our lives. I think this one is the best of our productions. Mike and Julie really rocked and made this one jump. Hope you like it as well. Originally released Dec 6, 2011

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released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Forever Changed
Bring down the shamans, the priests and the lamas and the zen masters too.
Do the Rain dance, singing your prayers well into the night
Stare into the fire, beyond the thick smoke,and let your spirits free
The swirling turning flames are calling for you

chorus Forever Changed, All things are forever changed

The thundercrack splits the tree, the scorched wood crashes with a deafening sound
The abandoned miners cart rusted and waisting away.
Once the riches ripped out of the earth kept em healthy happy and wise
Today nothing but fools gold litters the ground

Sometimes we may feel that we're all alone
And that the good times have already passed us by
Like the roaring train that you just don't see
Laying across the tracks the whistle blows for thee!

No more apple pies cooling on the windowsill as the sweet smell of summer subsides
The friends, the partners the patriarchs, where have you gone?
Like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle, with all the edge pieces gone
Somehow in spite of it all, we're going to carry on
Track Name: If I Held You Close
If I held you close would it stop the rain
Could we make the dreams become sweet again?
And if we closed our eyes and conjured up another scheme
Would the darkness lift, and what would the future bring?
chorus " With alice and frodo with pan and with hook
we reach up from the deep rabbit hole
single file and one at a time on a broken ladder we climb
once getting to the top was our goal.
If they invade our dreams are the truly there?
do our restless minds race deep into the night?
To let the chips fall and still do nothing at all
paralyzed no fear and no fright.
bridge Clawing our way up, crawling our way up
It's just ahead and over the rise
I will pull you out, just give me a chance to stand
Dancing in the sunlight arm and arm again
We walk along the shore sun beating down across our backs
The sound of laughter reigns down on the wind
Should we do a party crash? What do they know that we don't know?
Will we ever be officially invited in?
Track Name: Find My Way Home
I slept in my car again last night
was too damn drunk to find my way home
It's not like I had a choice, my good friend pocketed the keys
Threw a blanket on and left me on my own

My mind is a blur, but I do recall
ordering a bottle of Don Julio 1942
Being chilled and passed around over the joyful sounds
of the laughter before the fall

We were out on the town some old friends had come in
To see the swallows that had never returned
Play alabama yelled towards the band a weekend cowboy stuck out his hand
Thats where I'm from and he barged right in

There was something about naked girls on the mens room wall
a dance floor crowded with shit kicking leather clad feet
I caught her stetson just in time , dancing backwards in that line
The sweat flying, we were having a ball

Pretty soon came the spins and that familiar feeling crept in
the cool outside air was calling my name
A flashlight shone in my eyes, San Juans' finest , surprise
The darkness called and I fell head-first in

Sunday morning arrived with a knock on the passenger side
My bloodshot eyes straining to greet the day
My tail tucked between my legs, and a really aching head
Another saturday night roller coaster ride!

chorus " glasses up, glasses down, pretty girls twirling around
and we don't have a care in the world
makers mark, rum and lime, straight up martini time
and all the while the band plays on "
Track Name: Hammock Hanging Harry
I step off the boat and pay the smiling man
Shuffling my feet in the soft Caribbean sand
The vision that I see slurping a shaved ice treat
is hammock hanging harry, cycling up the street
He's a legend in these parts they say he even knows the prez
Rides around with a crazy parrot that repeats whatever he says
He'll stroll the waters edge till the angle of the suns just right
takes one shot 2 shots and slumbers into the night
chorus " He wears no shirt and he got no shoes
but he still gets serviced just fine
cocooned in the shade and shooting the breeze
he tips back some fine rose wine
bridge anything that you want ? need someplace to go?
you just call out loud and harry knows
the bullshit served with a big white smile
" no boats out on sunday" watch harry go!
If the truth be told he'd rather rest his soul
with the sweet smell of ganja zen
and count the days flying by and hear the seabirds cry
as the brilliant sun come back up again
Track Name: The Circus is in Town
P T Barnum and zip the pinhead and general Tom Thumb too
Their brilliant scams being resurrected anew
The grand old elephants dump, and the whiny jackasses bay
The thieves are left to watch over and care for you

chorus So lets all go to the circus
3 blind mice scurrying for the drivers seat
You can purchase your own clunker chariot
with a shattered windshield, broken radio and no heat.
The sideshow has begun, come and take your seats

Cotton-candy face sits with an empty sticky treat
a buffoon from the balcony shouts out " you lie! "
Throwing fits and kicking the crap out of a crushed and rusty tin can
However I feel , therefore I am.

They came in on a wave and go out with a smack
" For the American People" the mantra goes
Well who do we have here? Dealing with a loaded deck
How many wolves have dissented from the pack?

Well damn you all to hell! Lets bitch slap em with our angry hands
Little minds can only come up with little plans
When we take care of the least (and no more trickle down please )
Poor John, Don't cry, Only big boys can govern the land

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, another sucker on the line
How dumb do you really think we are?
Track Name: The Fly Trap
It was not supposed to be this way
The freebird was meant to fly
The captives prisoners convicts and thieves
Left to rampage and plunder
LIke Blackbeards men on spring break
They will burn your pretty dreams down to the ground

The classic double down
A five of spades then a six
Your heart races as you push out the stack
A ten or a two
Your future rides on the flip of a card
The grim reaper now dancing on your back

The fly's in the trap
The fly's in the soup
The fly's coming out of the fruit
The soup's on your lap
Leaving burn's on your legs
Your legs should have got up and walked away!

Are you gonna take a chance again? Hell yeah
Are you gonna keep sticking your neck out? hell yeah
Will you ever find your mojo again? Hell yeah
And mister, today's gonna be the day!

Its easy being green when your kermit, not the hulk
The envy flows like lava down the mountain side
Tomorrow they'll either be a hanging, or the governors reprieve
Up the styx without a paddle, redemption waiting on the other side

You can knock down the walls
You can sweep up the mess
You can chew till your fingers are raw
But a life without passion
And the absence of a dream
Would truly be the death of us all!
Track Name: Hard Times
Bruised blasted and battered by a hot relentless rain
Your shouting in the middle of a busy street
You can shout but it wont matter Quasimotos' just rang the bells
Your swinging back and forth to the hangman's beat

Hard times, Hard times, You can kiss my ass Hard times !
It's lonely out here waiting for the worm to turn
The troubles arrive like a tempest, no you wont blow me down
again Cause hard times your miseries wont return!

I inherited Neros' fiddle and don't you know just my luck
The squeaky screeching mother just wont burn.
Monkey see and Monkey do, A shiny new cage built for two
Key's around your neck but you're still awaiting your turn

You used to love to donate, now they just call you a regular
sopping up the soup and cleaning the plate
Hard times, Hard times and the checks in the mail again
Your Guardian angel arrives a little too late
Track Name: Half Way There
Everybody's got their own story
Everybody's got their own version of the truth
sometimes they'll even use perverse logic
To twist the rope and make their own noose
chorus Half way there, you only get half the way there
Half way there, you only got half the way there
What my eyes can see you cant imagine
what me mind knows you can't compute
If they would do as i say, this would be so easy
The risk's to great to leave it all up to you

Pride is a word that never goes down easy
sometimes it slow, one foot at a time
To gracefully bow out and defer to the masses
To stand in their tainted sunshine

With knowledge there's hope that the questions will be answered
that the mysteries of life will be clear and intense
The bells will ring loud, Let the little bastards in
stacked up and scraping against my barbed wire fence.

Bridge " A tap on the shoulder and Atlas just Shrugs
I'm not going to tell you again
But with each passing winter the games will get older
It seems to me that nobody else ever had a chance to win
Track Name: Until the Sun Comes Out
Once upon a time there was a little boy
who like to sing and would never go to sleep
Cause in the music room the pipers played
a hypnotic sounds that reached his ears
the melodies of the troubadours of the times

Chorus " We're gonna keep on singing til the sun comes out
gonna keep on playing til the sun comes out
gonna keep on believing til the sun comes out
And blow all the dark clouds away !

Saturday night family sing along
kept on going till our voices were gone
calling mom to put another pot of coffee on
pete would bang the wood
and ed would slap the bass
Dad would strum
And me, I 'd smile and soak it all in

There's something about the sound
of friends and family gathered around
a player piano, and watching the scrolls go round
Their voices are all still here
We have to just fine tune our ears
Their spirits live on in the music we're playing right now!
Track Name: Fathers' Day
Can I see you?
Can I Touch You?
Are you there among the stars?
Can You see us?
Gazing upwards
Trying to make some sense of it all.
( chorus) It's so hard to understand
That the simple touch of a hand
And your gentle smile
wont pass this way again
The sun came out today
Your green guitar to play
But something big is missing
It's not a card or a fathers' day call
The sky's never really supposed to fall
Without you, Life's never going to be the same
( bridge ) You always said " just do the best you can "
So that's what we'll do and I'm sure you'll understand
So we all hop into the car
Low on gas, who knows how far
this journey we call life will take us on
It takes big shoes to fill ( I know )
The little ones wobble and then they go
to the future and a brand new day
When "Promoted to Glory" well be looking for your hand
On that fine day, We will all meet again!