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    Here it is! I finally found a couple of songs that would show Dave Phil and I combining our styles and putting something out for everyone to share.
    We used Dads great 50's style mic for some vocals. Recorded drums at Phils for the first time ever. Dave played the awesome bass tracks and added tasty " Vlad " style guitar to Dark Angel. Ive had this song for a while, but have been playing acoustic style recently. Good things come to those who wait. Play the songs LOUD. We had a blast. There will be more coming from us 3 in the future. We present to you , " Duane Dave and Phil.... making some COOL NOISES!!! Enjoy

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released February 1, 2015




Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Secrets
Life’s got me howlin like Warren Zevon
On the streets of London Town
Scratchin and a clawin
Trying to bring the full moon down
Jugglin knives on the left and the right
So frustrated I wanna scream
Another tumbler of Old Legends Of Kentucky
Somedays this feels like one long bad dream

But at the crack of dawn.... I need you
Can’t think of trying without you.
And at the end of the day... I need you

For the rest of my days....just you
They just don’t make em like they used too
The silver screen heroes on the wall
You can teach me how to whistle
I’ll be Bogie to your Bacall
Do you remember fat and happy?
When the world seemed safe and secure?
Where there were secret places to run to
And the future, not such a blur.

Would you like to dance?
Would you like to hear
A secret whispered in your ear?
Then come a little closer
Ease on in
And let the story begin

So lets wave down a carriage on bayswater
And give the cabbie a big fat tip
Rush up to the loft high above the Thames
Climb the stairs, be careful, dont trip
Wrap ourselves up in powder blue silk sheets
And roll all the worries away
Some secrets are better left keeping
Like the ones that we shared here today!
Track Name: Dark Angel
with a shake of the hips
And a cheshire cat grin
Hypnotic, pretty promises, the web
From which the widow spins
Just one illicit kiss
From Her lips painted ruby-red
How much to give for that memory to
Blaze deep inside your head?

Chorus A midnight riding
No law- abiding
Sweet jesus testifying
Dark angel

Jack-knifed Scissor legs
Clinging peek-a-boo tight
Remember her in your prayers
When the dreams kick in tonight
Shiny, short and black
No, an angel in white wont do
Nothing left but a melted puddle
When she gets through with you

Bridge A blu A blu A blu.... whats that?
A pretty cat got your tongue?
Keep your eyes on the tail!

Heart pounding in your brain
The creaky ceiling fan spins
Round after round, you answered the bell
“Let’s call it a draw, Nobody wins”
Divide and conquered
Come back and see me for some brand new games
Snatched by the soul catcher
and bursting into flames