Board the Ship

by Duane Hultin

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This is my collection of folk and mandolin style songs. I couldn't resist putting in some acoustic open tunings and unplugged style rock as well.
A new instrument allowed a different ear and gave me some new song arrangement possibilities. Made, played, and inspired by my love of music, and the way it can move us all. Hope you enjoy. Duane


released February 18, 2014

Written, performed and produced by Duane Hultin. Background vocals and support by Julie Hultin. Recorded at Hultin Studios( Le parc loft)
Thanks Ryan for mandolin, Spirit of Dad and all the "muses" that made this cd happen.



all rights reserved


Duane Hultin/The Third Verses Lake Forest, California

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Track Name: Board the Ship
A red wool sweater wrapped around her chest
And silky raven hair
She locks the oak door and pockets the key
There’s a brave new world out there

A promise to herself, she would do her best
The adventures she would share
Thru the mist and the rain, with her head held high
She left old county clare.

A long black coat and a grey tweed cap
Leather boots all shiny and new
Kissed his mama goodbye, and down to the pub
Told his mates what he planned to do.

He picks up the tab and finishes his pint
The end of a hard fought day
When the morning comes, and the sun shows bright
Board the ship , and sail away

Board the ship and sail away, from the shores of galway bay.

Three days out of port, gazing over the rail
Out across the open sea
With her windblown hair, what a sight to see
Emerald eyes staring back at me

“Your a thing of beauty on this real fine day!
And I wear my heart on my sleeve.
You look like you’ve been waiting for a man like me.
This I do believe.

I believe I’ve never met a lad so bold.
But it’s true all the words you say.
I’ve left my home for the stories untold
Boarded this ship and sailed away.

Who knows what desires or the future brings
But love waits for those who dare.
Like the lad and the maiden sailing on angels wings
One day from county clare.
Track Name: Just a Little Bit More
How much more can a good man take?
Just a little bit more
How much snow until the tree limb breaks?
Just a little bit more
Saving your pennies for a rainy day
And the water comes pouring thru the door
Stranded on high ground How longs it gonna take?
Just a little bit more

How many cracks ‘till her glass heart breaks?
Just a little bit more.
A played out scene with a thousand takes.
You give em just a little bit more.
Waiting on the curb, maybe no-one’s coming
You’re already late, better start running
Someday they’ll call your name, but now you wait
Just a little bit more.

Up or down, it all seems the same
Is that romeo bleeding?
Was juliet to blame?
No prints on the dagger, love engulfed by the flame.

5 feet under and the shovels on the rise. You get
Just a little bit more
Tied to the tree, hopes fading with the buzzards and flies you get
Just a little bit more
Cool water on your tongue, the relentless sun bakes
Burning you to the core
All the pretty things that the heart desires. They cost
Just a little bit more.

Tic and Toc, How much time do we got?
I think just a little bit more.
The trailways departs at 11 oclock
They wanted just a little bit more
From a cold and lonely seat there’s a new dawn breaking
Those dirty angels wings sure could use a shaking
Blue eyes burning from the rising sun
You cry just a little bit more.
Track Name: Treasure Chest
When I see you baby
Smiling back at me
True love so warm and tender
That’s how it’s meant to be

And when the days grow cloudy
Your strength will pull me thru
Bringing down the sacred waters
Baptized and born anew

( Chorus ) No more turning away
Marching straight into the heart of the storm
The golden treasure chest becomes ours today
Kept in a secret place close to the bone

Skipping stones across the water
Close your eyes and count to ten
Ignite a fire beneath the blankets
‘till the dawn creeps up again

Arm and arm and side by side
As the spinning worlds collide
Stepping out into the cold cool morning
The smiles of love we can not hide

( bridge) The pages of life are sometimes torn and full of strife
But your dreams may still come true

The alarm goes off before the sun again
A folded paper bounces off the door
I got no time for some quick sugar
Hurried feet fly across the floor

Every evening as the day winds down
And we hold our tired bodies close
I thank the stars above for this real fine love
And for you!
Track Name: It Wouldn't Last
Back to the days were the summer was sweet
And there were still secret places to find
Like siamese twins joined at the hip
Two preverbal partners in crime

But now there’s a lock on your door ive got to ask to come in
And the rules seem to get in the way
Do you ever feel like just kicking it down
And rushing outside to play?

( Chorus) Run with me across the railroad tracks
Old dreams die hard out here
Let your hair swing around and wont you give me that smile
The angels hold so dear!

I know I’m bad news. They all tell me so
And I’ll probably lead you astray
But hold on tight and away we go
Lets try it the unusual way

You wont get far staring out that door
And maybe no one else is coming around
No more whispering in the night, No more heroes to call
Just your lonely soul pacing the floor

( Bridge) I swear to you, that I will be true
And hold tight until the end

Now babys’ wings are not so tall
Less pixie dust falls at her feet
And sometimes it’s hard to even fly at all
In the sweet, sticky summer heat

But the blood oath was sworn and the wheel was spun
Like caesar the dye was cast
So it’s ”you and me and the world make three”
“ And they said that it wouldn’t last ! “
Track Name: The Valley of Dreams
I believe I’ll go for a walk
On this cold and blustery day
Wrap a scarf around my neck
My restless spirit still knows the way

We’ve gone down this road before
When the sun shone clear and bright
And a young mans dreams took hold
Everything seemed to work out right

Spanish boots of well worn leather
The spiderweb of life unfolds
One foot placed in front of the other
That’s the way this story is told

A stolen glance thru a half-shuttered window
The fire looks inviting and warm
Kettle of winter tea starts whistling
The illusion of a life that’s charmed

(Chorus) Step by step, Breath by breath,
Beat by beat, my core grows strong

Do the stars above hold the secrets
For a life free of trouble and woes?
Could we ever really ask the questions
That every man has a right to know?

So I make my way home to my sweet molly
Cause in her arms the crazy world stands still
Where the old light forever shines in the valley
Of dreams just over the hill.
Track Name: I woke Up Singing
Rolled out of the rack
Coffee, Jamaican, dark and black
There’s something in my head
The sounds fill my brain and
I woke up singing

Sometimes hushed, sometimes loud
The melody is never the same
“ Lord have mercy!” “ Is everybody in?”
And I woke up singing

(Chorus) Singing like a bird set free
An old friend visited by you and me
Singing like a mad-man out of control
The notes released from his very soul

Around the dial and charging thru the air
Deep inside the waxy grooves to share
The ipods and the web pirates compete
And I woke up singing

(bridge) E-Street, Power-Pop, Outlaws and Punk-Rock
Parrot heads, Balladeers and Deep Tracks

Goodbye to my musical friends
Back to the shuffle deck again
Knock knock knockin in the middle of a dream
And I wake up singing
Track Name: Behind the Glass
From behind the glass
Sheltered from the wind and the rain
Forever safe
When the crackling thunder roars like a train
I see you in my dreams
I wake up and swear that your still here
Sketched in a walnut frame
You’ll stand guard year after year

I wait ever patiently
For you to show me your hand
Gaze into your eyes of blue
My heart does just as you command
Loyal to the end of my days
Everything I have is yours to share
To comfort when you can not stand
Close your eyes and think of me, I’ll be there

No one will ever know
How deep and profound love can be
Lives can turn on a dime
What lies ahead or who we are to be
But every once in a while
A blessing comes along that really makes you smile
A beautiful ray of sunshine
That will walk with you each and every mile